Terms and Conditions

The order fulfillment, the following terms apply.
The vast majority of products placed on site is unique, hand-made creations. Therefore, the images displayed are indicative only. If the stock of goods is very different from the image operator (material model, color, etc.), we will contact the customer and if the changed conditions do not wish to order this product, you can revoke the order. The orders are dispatched electronically to happen www.beecreativebox.com URL, phone and e-mail.
The potential contract language: Hungarian and English and Spanish.
In our shop you can buy everyone who has a valid registration. (the place of purchase during registration). The Customer by registering at the same time, be bound by acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions, declares that he knows is aware of the order, and fulfill the terms of, you know the Internet the possibilities and limitations, particularly with regard to technical performance and possible errors.
The prices shown are gross retail store prices.
However, if an incorrect price due to a technical error is displayed in the store, before sending the goods to discuss the phone (or e-mail) to contact you. These orders are not considered valid.

Purchase price

The purchase price is always shown next to the selected product price, including value added tax (VAT) as well. In addition to purchase price the purchaser pays the shipping cost.


  • The product you want to put the cart.
  • If you would like additional product into the cart, select 'Continue Shopping "button. If you do not want to buy more product, make sure you buy the product number. The "delete" button to delete the contents of the basket.
  • Shipping / Payment Type.
  • Order
  • Shipping / Billing information and the granting of entry / If you have already registered you can enter./
  • The data after entering the "Subscribe" button you can send your order, however, before once again verify the provided information, or send a comment to the ordering. (For example: the color of the product)
  • E-mail your order confirmation will be sent after.
  • Received an order confirmation in each case and discuss the data.

The orders are processed

The processing of orders made on working days 8-18. The order is processed as indicated time points than it is possible to cast the order, if it happens after work, will be processed on the following day. Product data sheet of the images displayed may differ from reality, in some cases as illustrations. We do not accept liability for any technical descriptions of the supplier, or for reasons beyond his control due to changes without prior notification. We reserve the right to reject orders have been confirmed in part or in full. Partial fulfillment of the customer only after consultation can take place! The purchase price of the product in advance to settle the case is referred back to the sender for the amount.


You can pay in our shop with bank transfer or Paypal. The purchase price of the products ordered in advance by bank transfer to our bank account to pay. Then the product is shipped.


Delivery of the goods after receipt of the purchase price is started. In addition to purchase price the purchaser pays the shipping cost. When ordering the product for shipping and handling charges shown in addition to other Buyer shall not be liable for payment. Webstore orders, and to meet the Hungarian Post Office tariffs calculated.

Shipping abroad

The packets are normally the Hungarian Post and the DPD delivers on demand, according to their charges. International price list by e-mail request.

Right of withdrawal

The distance contracts concerning 17/1999. (II.5.) Government control gives the consumer a product of the receipt of eight working days to withdraw his contract, you may return the product ordered.
The withdrawal right is exercised, the consumer at the expense of returning the product other than cost-neutral, but the company can not demand compensation for damage caused by misuse. In some cases, however, the consumer is not entitled to the right of withdrawal.
Such cases are as follows:
  • If a product is available at the company can not be controlled by pénzpiai movements, fluctuations depends.
  • Especially in the consumer's request, made ​​by his needs, an individual's request was produced.
The Contractor shall return the product to arrive after the government decree immediately but not later than 30 days refund the purchase price of the product to the consumer.

Course of exercising his right of withdrawal

If you want to live an indication of his right to do with the one specified contact in writing or by telephone. Post written on the occasion of marking the date of mailing will be taken into consideration, and had the telephone signal telephone signal. Signaling by post by registered mail give up essential marks, so she can show the date of posting. The product ordered by mail or courier service compatibility allows the return address of our company. It is important that the product with the return of the costs incurred by the buyer, the port (on delivery) packets are not able to take our company! In particular make sure the product under normal use, because the compensation for damage resulting from improper use by the buyer! The package upon receipt of our company, with a video camera recorded the package, extract and examine the returned product. This may subsequently be needed to avoid confusion. (for example, that the product is returned damaged, incomplete or was) the product is returned within thirty days of arrival in the bank account specified by the Customer will refund the purchase price of the product (by appointment by mail, return is possible!).


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