Personalized pet fridge magnet

Personalized pet fridge magnet
Personalized pet fridge magnetPersonalized pet fridge magnet Personalized pet fridge magnetPersonalized pet fridge magnet
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Describe your pet (what she/he likes doing) and send an image about him/her and we will make Your own and unique fridge magnet! For example this magnet's description was: "My loved dog's name is Chester and his nickname is Töki. I attached a photo about him. One of his ears often hangs down (you will see it on the picture). His favourite toy is a yellow rhino plush" We can also write short message above Your pet, for example: "I love my dog" etc... It could be a unique gift for someone who loves his pet. Just write Us Your concept and we make your dreams come true :) Diameter: about 7 cm Thickness: about 0.4 cm
Material: wooden
Size: 7x0,4 cm
Delivery: 5-6 days

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