Lady with Hermenein

Lady with Hermenein
Lady with HermeneinLady with Hermenein Lady with HermeneinLady with Hermenein Lady with HermeneinLady with Hermenein Lady with HermeneinLady with Hermenein
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The Lady with Hermenein is one of Leonardo's early works and has brought innovation to Italian painting as one of the first oil paintings. Some believe that while the title of the picture shows the lady holding a hermelin, the animal is actually a ferret, but other opinions deny it. The painting was purchased in the 18th century by the Polish Duke of Czartoryski and then fled to Paris due to war events and returned to Poland after 1882. During his stay in France, his background was painted from bluish-gray to black. II. He was taken to Berlin at the beginning of World War II and returned to Krakow after the war, where he has been exhibited at the Czartoryski Museum ever since. Size: 53.4x39.3 cm
Material: wooden
Size: 53.4x39.3 cm
Delivery: 5-6 days

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